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Nourishing Old Duck Soup



For winter nourishment, duck meat is the first choice. Winter is the fattest season for ducks. Duck meat is rich in protein, vitamin B and vitamin E, and the fatty acids are easy to digest and absorb. In winter, the climate is dry. The most important thing is to nourish the lungs. Choose old duck soup, the nourishing effect will be better. Chicken is a hot tonic, while duck is a cold tonic. Compared with chicken and duck, cold tonic has more comprehensive nutrition. It's just that duck soup is delicious, but it's not easy to make. Next I will share with you how to make it.

First clean duck. the duck’s hair is difficult to handle. There are many hair follicles on the surface of duck, especially on the wings. These dark hair follicles can affect appetite. You must carefully pull out one by one with a small clip. In this way, the fishy smell will be eliminated. Removed a lot.


Second,to remove the fishy smell of duck meat. Rinse the chopped duck pieces several times, put them in cold water, and sprinkle some salt into it, stir well, soak for ten minutes, and wash again, so that the blood is all It’s all out. Washing the duck meat will be very clean. After washing, put the duck pieces into a large bowl, add a proper amount of cooking wine, and marinate for half an hour, so as to further remove the fishy smell.

Third,prepare vegetables that we need.

Fourth,add a little oil to the wok, heat it up, add ginger slices and stir-fry until fragrant, add duck pieces, stir-fry until the surface of the duck meat changes color slightly, and it is ready to serve. Remove from the pan.

Fifth,pour the fried duck pieces into the casserole ,add QINMA Old Duck Soup condiment and add water.

Sixth,set soup cooking time for 2 hours.

Seventh,when there is still one hour left, you can pour all the side dishes into the pot and cook them together.


Eighth,after the soup boiling process is completed, add salt to taste and serve.

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